Procurement process steps

In this list, we will specify the possible steps in the organizational procurement process


The need for procurement comes from the employees or systems that know how to identify deficiencies and create purchase requests (MRP). If necessary, our system knows how to identify these requests in the existing ERP system and synchronize them to go through the required approval process.


PR – Purchase Request

This is the stage where the procurement process begins – entering the required items (not necessarily with prices) into the procurement request form.


Approval route

The request is routed to a relevant approval route according to the organization’s policy.


RFP – Request For Proposal

After there is an ordered and approved purchase request, it is possible to provide the purchase requester with the required items from the corporate warehouse or alternatively, send the required items to the relevant suppliers so that the suppliers enter a price quote for each of the items.


PO – Purchase Order

If we already know who the supplier is, what the required items are, and what their prices are (through an item catalog or RFP), the order is registered for a specific supplier with priced items and budget items.


Approval route (Workflow)

According to the organization’s policy, the order is routed to the relevant route. Sometimes, the organization’s policy will require filling out forms and uploading relevant files.


Sending a purchase order

The order goes out into the world – the supplier receives the purchase order.



The supplier provides the goods or the required service


Purchase Invoice

The supplier sends his invoice (tax or proforma) in order to receive payment (by email, mail, manually, or through a dedicated portal)


Account Matching

Matching the invoice with the accounts of the purchase order for which it was produced


Packing Slip

The supplier provides the delivery certificate (only relevant for physical items)


Item Matching

Matching the packing slip to the relevant PO items



Sending the payment to the supplier for the invoice


Matching a receipt tax invoice to a proforma invoice

If the supplier sent a Proforma Invoice, he is obliged to send a receipt tax Invoice after receiving the payment. This will close the unmatched proforma invoice.

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