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Procee makes procurement a strategic asset

As a purchase requester, you need your request to reach the vendor as soon as possible.

Procee will give you all the tools you need to accomplish that, including:

  • Full transparency of the request approval route and status
  • Quick and easy way to communicate with other requesters and approvers in the context of the specific request
  • Alerts including: Request approved, request accepted by the vendor, request matched to invoice, and many more
  • Attach files relevant to the request
  • Auto-send request after approval route finishes

The approval route is one of the procurement process's most sensitive and crucial aspects.
It determines the pathway a request must traverse to ensure compliance, accuracy, and accountability.
Properly configuring the approval route is paramount to maintaining financial control, adhering to organizational policies, and preventing unauthorized expenditures.

Procee lets you preconfigure your approval routes with the following:

  • Any number of approvers linear, simultaneously, or both
  • Add conditional approvers based on expense type, amount, vendor, and many more settings
  • Add approvers manually for a specific request in cases you see as fit
  • Require the requester to attach extra documents (like vendor quotes)
  • Require the requester to fill in extra custom fields for specific expense types, amounts, or vendors
  • SLA reports on all approval routes currently ongoing or finished
  • Easy mobile approval

One of the core problems in the procurement process is when the finance team keeps getting bills and has to identify the employee who made the request.
Procee will easily identify and let you match the invoice in a matter of seconds to the correct purchase request without any hassle:

  • Upload an invoice file and let our built-in OCR auto-type it for you.
  • Approval route for the invoices
  • Approve invoice for payment only after the entire request amount is matched and approved
  • Generate payment requests based on approved invoices and send them to another approval route
  • Auto-detect reentering an existing invoice or invoice file.
  • Auto-detect when the vendor doesn't match the file uploaded.
  • Auto suggest purchase request that can match this invoice.
  • Auto calculation of payment date based on payment conditions.
  • Proforma-tax invoice matching
Even after the entire procurement workflow is well-defined and strict, there are still extra tools that the C-level manager will need to keep the expenses in control.
  • Advanced access control mechanism per user or user group allows you to control who can view what
  • Advanced permission mechanism per user or user group allows you to control who can do what
  • All requesters can view their budget available per expense type
  • Managers can view company/department/branch level real-time budget-execution report
  • Budget enforcing - block budget overuse globally/department level/per user or expense type
  • Budget request - Users can submit a budget request, which will go through a dedicated approval route and automatically give an extra budget on final approval
  • Various numerous policies you can choose from to set an even more strict procurement process

Request->approve->match invoice is the center of the procurement process, but Procee has some extra features that allow you to manage the process in full, including:

  • Request for proposal - Send your vendors a list of items, and they will fill in the prices. Next, you can view all of the proposals together and convert one into a standard purchase request
  • Vendor portal - Let your vendors log into a limited system and get their invoices straight into Procee
  • Get an invoices email inbox so your vendors can mail their invoice files to it, and it will automatically get into the approval route using our OCR
  • Vendor onboarding - Let your vendors sign up for your organization and submit all required information and documents themself. The vendor will go through an approval route before being allowed to be used in a standard purchase request

Core strengths

Easy and quick onboarding​​

Handles full complex procurement process​

Simple and intuitive​

High-value support team​

Multilingual - use in your preferred language​

Budget-friendly for full organization onboarding.​

Procee will make the mess disappear​

Internal chat instead of cluttered emails

Full audit instead of "Who approved that 2 months ago?" emails

Smart reports and alerts

Budget monitoring and enforcement

Highly customizable approval flows

Accounting software integration

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Our prices are flat

First 30 users
User #31 and above

The following tiers are just a convenient way to show Procee capabilities.

Invoice management

For those who only wants to manage invoices without the hassle of a full procurement process

Full procurement

Manage your purchase requests and purchase orders and match them to your vendor invoices
Includes invoice management, plus


When you are an enterprise, you usually need some dedicated customizations.
Our support team will gladly help you to customize Procee to your specific needs
Includes full procurment​, plus

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Highly flexible to fit your organization

Over 5000 happy users
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See what they have to say...

“Procee provide us app-based mobility, notifications, and the ease of use that we needed to make procurement fast and easy. If I change my workplace, Procee has to be the purchase solution!”

Aviad Ashtar

Purchase Manager, Ehrlich Group

“We were able to get our requisition cycle time down from one week to one day with Procee. It’s a huge improvement from our previous processes.”

David Shifman

CEO, ThinkCyber

Over the past four years, I have been working with the system.
It gives me an accurate picture of my budget, which is my favorite aspect of it.
I know the status of my budget before the accounting department does. It is thanks to the reservation system that the procurement process has also been simplified significantly, as everything has been automated.

Peleg R

CFO, Financeteam

The software has a user-friendly interface and a lot of support options that make it easy for me to set up approval methods and control access to different modules. I also like the feature that lets me leave comments and tag colleagues.

Yigal G


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