System fit

The system is designed for organizations that want to manage procurement processes amicably while involving all organization employees.

The system is less suited for the self-employed that do not manage processes where several employees work together.

One of Procee main strengths is decentralizing the procurement process to all relevant employees while implementing the organization-specific procedures and internal hierarchy. 

That’s why the more employees are using the system, the greater the impact. The number of users per organization usually ranges from 10 to 150.

The different usage levels of the system have been taken into account in determining the pricing of the system so that the set price is uniform, regardless of whether the user is a CEO or a junior employee, if they work on the system daily or once a period, anyone who can enter the system needs a user name, which is charged by a uniform fee, as shown in our price list. If the user does not use the system for a period of more than a month, it is recommended to cancel it until such time that they use the system in order to avoid unnecessary charges.

Procee & ERP

This system is relevant only to an organization where ERP already exists; our system does not replace the existing ERP but comes in addition to it. In the software domain there is a whole industry of third-party companies that connect to traditional ERP systems and provide additional services on top of them.

The use of the procurement module in the existing ERP system is excellent but limited to employees with a financial background. When the purchasing manager is swamped with inquiries from the organization’s employees and suppliers, it is already a sign that it is worthwhile to expand the circle of users beyond the Department of Finance’s area, and here you already need a dedicated and user-friendly system within which the procedures and organizational hierarchy can be more easily implemented (approval routes, bidding obligations, etc…)

In the ERP domain, approximately 85% of expenditure is devoted to implementation and 15% for licences. With us, payment is for usage only. We developed a software that connects to the database of the major ERP systems in the market and retrieves all the data required to start working in the system, so that the system can be put into operation within a few minutes of being established without the need for different implementers and interfaces. Users of the system receive links to activate their accounts and can already start working through online training and accompaniment. In addition, for each new user, remote takeover training is coordinated with our support team.

Generally, our integration mechanism is generic and can connect to any database. However, adjustments are required in order to optimally retrieve the data so that we now mainly have experience with SAP, Priority, Netsuit etc… If you are working with something else – you are welcome to contact us to look into it.

Demo Process

Yes, the system is also stand alone, so it can also be used without a connection to an existing ERP system. Sometimes organizations have different constraints that cause the work to go offline.

No. The use of the system is in the SaaS model, which means software as a service, so that it is impossible to purchase the system, but you can subscribe to it. This practice allows us to provide the customer with the best service with the latest version of the system.

Of course! Leave us a message on the website, and we’ll coordinate a demo with you at a time that works for you.

You get a free trial month with your real users and your actual data. If you are satisfied – You can continue as a customer; if not, You can delete the account, and we will say our goodbyes. No strings attached.

Currencies & Import

Yes, your data can be imported by Excel directly into the system. We recommend contacting support before importing the files.

Each user is entitled to phone support and remote takeover during business days from 08:00 to 16:00.
You can reach us via phone or email or by opening a support ticket.
All support requests will be answered within an hour of opening it. We usually reply within a few minutes.

Yes, the system is online. You can log in from anywhere with an internet connection.

Procee is highly customizable and implemented in hundreds of different organizations with very different configurations. Usually, there is no need for dedicated development. We typically don’t develop on demand, but if you have an idea that will improve your work with us – we’d love for you to tell us about it, and maybe we will develop it. We keep adding new capabilities daily!

Our approval route builder is highly flexible.
Each approval route can be dynamically constructed by the following parameters:

  • Amount
  • Department (sort code/costing code/profit center/ project)
  • Segmentation (numeric structure of the account number)
  • User/Provider/Expense Account
  • More

The approval route flow can be serial or parallel, or a chain of both.

You can set attachments as mandatory (quotes, protocols, and more).

You can enforce a customized form with optional and required fields when the purchase order or invoice is created or approved.

Privileged users can skip steps on the approval route.

You can apply an approval route or workflow to all different entities (purchase order/invoice/document/new supplier and more)

The system supports a single-year and multi-year configuration, usually this setting is determined at the company’s ledger

Yes, beyond the leading currency in which the company’s books are managed, all additional currencies can be defined. the rate updated automaticly

Assuming that each company is a separate entity and has separate ledger then you can open a separate system for each of the companies and define which user can access to which company without the need to log out and reconnect.

No, but the system is optimized for mobile work. When the system detects a job from a mobile device, it adjusts to a mobile view. According to our data, most of the certificates in the system are from mobiles.

As a company we consider our customers information security to be of utmost importance and take diverse measures to ensure the safe use of the system (pen-testing, SSL, WAF, DDoS monitoring. PCI compliance fot credit clearing).

System subscribers have no obligation, so they can leave at any time. The payment is for the months in which the subscription was active. When you leave (or regardless) you can export all the information in the system to Excel. You can also ask us to delete all of your company’s information, but please note that it will not be retrievable in the future.

Replace manual work with an
automated Procurement process.

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