Procurement software for everyone

Procurement made simple and smart

Manage your organization’s spending with greater efficiency and eliminate the manual work

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Empower your procurement

Nothing gets lost

Procee will streamline your purchase process and manage your budget in one simple platform.

Procee will do the heavy-lifting for you

Smart three-way matching

Highly-complexed workflows simplified and automated

Track and control your budget

Your real-time company financials

Gain control of your budget with high-level reports and real-time budget limit

Effective collaboration

Your procurement single source of truth

Increase organizational communication and transparency

Replace manual work with a smart procurement system

Our Features

User History

Access complete histories for all the user's activity

Multiple Languages & Currencies

Generate documents in any language or currency

Access Anywhere

Connect with your desktop, tablet, or Smartphone

Auto Sync

Our Procee-Sync Agent automatically syncs with your existing bookkeeping system in real time

Smart Alerts

Get automatic notifications to your phone, browser or email for any reports you might need


Easily sign in using Google Workspace, Active Directory, etc.

Invoice OCR

Automatically extract data from invoices using OCR and AI

Multiple Companies

Use one system to manage several companies simultaneously

Over 5000 happy users
Trusted by hundreds of organizations

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“Procee provide us app-based mobility, notifications, and the ease of use that we needed to make procurement fast and easy. If I change my workplace, Procee has to be the purchase solution!”

Aviad Ashtar

Purchase Manager, Ehrlich Group

“We were able to get our requisition cycle time down from one week to one day with Procee. It’s a huge improvement from our previous processes.”

David Shifman

CEO, ThinkCyber

The perfect procurement software solution for your organization

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