How to deploy a new procurement management software in your organization smoothly

Deploying a new procurement system in an organization can be a complex and potentially disruptive process, especially if it requires employees to learn and use a new software. However, with careful planning and a phased approach, it is possible to introduce the new system without creating undue stress or frustration for employees.


Small pilot

One key strategy for a smooth rollout is to start with a small team or pilot group, preferably a more self-sufficient and techy employees. This allows the CFO and other managers to test the software and ensure it is properly configured and aligned with the organization’s policies and procedures. The pilot group can provide valuable feedback and help identify any potential issues or challenges before the system is rolled out to the rest of the organization.


Gradual expansion

Once the new procurement system is up and running smoothly in the pilot group, it can then be gradually rolled out to other divisions and departments. This phased approach ensures easy rollout throughout the organization. It is also important to provide adequate training and support for employees as they transition to the new system. This might include training sessions, documentation, and dedicated support staff who can answer questions and provide assistance as needed.


No surprises

Another important consideration is communication. It is essential for the CFO and other leaders to communicate the benefits of the new procurement system to employees and address any concerns or questions they may have. This can help to build buy-in and ensure that employees are motivated to use the system effectively.


In conclusion

By taking a phased approach and providing the necessary training and support, the CFO can successfully deploy a new procurement system without creating disgruntled employees. With careful planning and attention to the needs of employees, the transition to the new system can be smooth and successful.


Procee procurement software

We at Procee, a procurement software company, aim to make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients. We emphasize on customizing the system to fit their existing policies and best practices, ensuring seamless transition from the existing processes. 


Additionally, we do this by offering a live online personal training with our support team for each new user explicitly tailored to the user’s role in the organization, whether he is a manager, in finance, a project manager, or any other unique role helping him to become familiar with the system at his own pace and minimize the learning curve.


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